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Sobriety . . . with style

Sometimes a single event makes the difference. Kevin has never been to Dawn Farm for treatment””not our Detox, residential or even outpatient. But Kevin’s story is profoundly linked to the Farm. On a Tuesday night in 1998, in Dawn Farm’s living room, everything changed for him. Kevin was born in Grand Haven, Michigan, a child […]

40 years of community

40 years of community It was 1973. My friend Gary Archie had an idea. Sober since 1966, Gary had met some folks from Quebec who had started a small therapeutic community outside of Montreal “”and Gary wanted to do the same. Gary picked up Jack Scholtus and me (pictured above”” 40 years later””at the 2013 […]

Homegrown Success

Emily was born and raised in Ann Arbor. She has a loving family, went to good schools and rode horses on the equestrian team. In many respects she had an ideal childhood. When Emily was 14 years old, she experimented with drugs””and her life quickly turned in a different direction. First marijuana, then cocaine, and […]

Mother and Daughter…Healed

Maggie and her nine year old daughter Jill came to the states from Scotland in 1983. Jill was already smoking cigarettes””and on the lookout for other “grownup” activities. “I was never good at following rules.” She drank at age 10, smoked pot at 11, and getting high soon became a normal part of her life. By the time Jill graduated […]

A Man with a Dream

We originally wrote about Clifton Chippewa in the fall of 1994″”a great story of hope and dreams fulfilled. Today, the story is better than ever. Some might say “award worthy.” Despite a successful career as a hairstylist in Oakland County, Clifton was broken and desperate when he walked into Dawn Farm in October 1982. “I […]

A Return to Faith

Meg was, above all, a good girl. Raised in a devout Catholic home, this young woman grew up with a profound faith in God””and a rich family life. Meg was the second of six children, with loving parents and a great life. She was a straight- A student and active in school activities that opposed drug […]

Doing the Next Right Thing

Greg drank his first beer when he was 13 or 14″”it was uneventful. He had alcohol with friends a few times in high school, but it was never a problem. Then came college. As a young freshman at Michigan State, suddenly booze began to take on a greater role in Greg’s life. “I was away […]

Man with a Mission

You have to meet Charles to believe he’s real. Brimming with gratitude about his own recovery, he reaches out to others on a daily basis. It is just plain inspiring. Charles was not always that way. He grew up in Detroit , and his childhood was a colorful one. His discovery of alcohol and eventually […]

Facing Life

Don was born in Pontiac in 1947. His family moved to Brighton when he was young, where his dad opened a grocery store. “That’s where I stole my first six-pack of beer.” Despite an average childhood, Don always felt out of place, like he didn’t fit in. In high school, booze helped him feel more […]

Carrying the Message

Erica has found a new life in sobriety. She is full of gratitude. She helps other women who are trying to find recovery. She’s a hard worker and a contributing member of her community. It wasn’t always that way. Born in Holt, Michigan, Erica was a good girl, well-loved by her hardworking single mom. Her […]

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