Youth and Family Services

Youth Outpatient Services

 This program includes one-on-one outpatient therapy, including education on the effects of drug use. Clients participate in random drug screening and have the opportunity to engage in family sessions when applicable.The duration of this program is flexible to meet the individual needs of our youth. Typically a teen will begin by attending weekly sessions for 3 months with a re-evaluation after that. 

“Dawn Farm did for me what I could not do for myself… helped me to get into the community of sober people.”


2900 Golfside Road Ste. #3-4
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


$60 per session
$135 for initial assessment
$15 for drug screen

Access to Services

Call 734.485.8725 and ask to speak with Ray

Family Sessions for clients in treatment

Typically, family sessions take place towards the end of a client’s treatment and focus on what the next step looks like for this client. Families learn about the ways they can support their loved one in recovery. This includes guidance in setting boundaries and expectations. There is also an opportunity to discuss how the clients addiction has affected the family and how to move forward together.  

Please check out our resource document for more information on available support, tools, and education for families of people with addictions. This is a great document to bookmark, as our staff continues to update it.


Location varies based on which program the client is a part of. 

Access to Services

The need for a family session is determined by clients and their primary therapists once in treatment. 

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