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For family, friends and other loved ones

When families are faced with addiction, hope can feel completely out of reach. But hope is real, and help is ready””at Dawn Farm. At the Farm, thousands of men and women have found compassionate care, professional treatment and the recovering peer support they need to rebuild their lives from the ruins of addiction. Taking care […]

Adolescents & Recovery Support Groups

The best summary we’ve found on the subject was written by our friend Bill White. It can be found here. Some of the highlights are below: Participation in 12-step programs has been linked to improved long-term recovery rates of adolescents with substance use disorders, butadolescents participate in AA/NA at lower rates than do adults(Kelly & […]

Are Twelve Step Programs Good For Women?

We have heard from helping professionals, university faculty and others that twelve step programs “don’t work for women,” “are bad for women,” “do women an injustice,” etc. Is this true? The reality is that research does not support this position. Several abstracts and references are cited below; all of them find that twelve step programs […]

Domestic Violence and Drug and Alcohol Problems

Dawn Farm works closely with our local domestic violence programs. We want to ensure that survivors of domestic violence achieve safety and sobriety and we want to help men who batter create accountable relationships that are consistent with the principles of recovery. Here are a few documents that have been developed over the years to […]

Dawn Farm Position Papers

Dawn Farm is passionate about helping addicts find recovery and we have been doing it for a long time. Over the years we’ve learned a thing or two. We’ve also watched addiction treatment change–some of it good, a lot of it terrible. Here are some of the positions we’ve taken over the years. Dawn Farm’s […]

Links for people with drug and alcohol problems

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) AA in Washtenaw County AA in Livingston County AA in Metro-Detroit Narcotics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous in Michigan Narcotics Anonymous in Washtenaw County SMART Recovery Women for Sobriety For family and friends Love First ““ Our friends Jeff Jay and Debra Jay, Love Firstprovides comprehensive information on intervention, including articles, suggestions, and checklists. Adult […]

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