For family, friends and other loved ones

When families are faced with addiction, hope can feel completely out of reach. But hope is real, and help is ready””at Dawn Farm. At the Farm, thousands of men and women have found compassionate care, professional treatment and the recovering peer support they need to rebuild their lives from the ruins of addiction.

Taking care of yourself

Addiction is called “a family disease.” It’s normal for loved ones of alcoholics and addicts to experience loneliness, guilt, resentment, stress, lack of sleep, or various health problems. This disease affects each family member differently. Some lose their spiritual connection as a result of despair or anger. Others watch their social life deteriorate.
Often family members feel personally responsible for holding everything together, fearing that if they don’t, the family will fall apart. This sense of personal responsibility is a huge burden””and it can lead to feelings of pain and anger. Healing will come for you when you turn your energies toward thinking about what you need for yourself.

Family Matters

Dawn Farm’s Educational, Skill Building and Support Group for family members and loved ones of people struggling with, and in recovery from, addiction.
Do you have concerns, questions about your loved one’s substance use? Do you have a family member in treatment? Do you have a child or a spouse who is in recovery? Come and learn about addiction, family dynamics, and share your experiences with others like you. You are not alone!
6 week curriculum (topics repeat every 6 weeks):

  • Session 1: Addiction 101
  • Session 2: Treatment & 12 Steps
  • Session 3: Relapse & Recovery
  • Session 4: Communication
  • Session 5: Family Dynamics
  • Session 6: Boundaries & Codependency

WHEN: Wednesdays, from 6:00 – 7:15 pm
WHERE: Zion Lutheran Church: 1501 W. Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
CONTACT: Dawn Farm Outpatient @ 734.821.0216 (Ask for Katie)


An intervention is a carefully planned process in which family and friends, and sometimes colleagues, clergy or others, join together to express their love and concern with the goal of helping the addict choose to enter treatment.
Dawn Farm strongly recommends the book Love First to anyone considering an intervention. Jeff and Debra Jay give very detailed, step-by-step instructions for planning an effective intervention as well as advice about when a professional interventionist is needed.

The keys to a successful intervention are planning, preparation and technique. … Intervention unifies the family and gets everyone working together. Before the intervention ever takes place, the team goes through a planning a rehearsal process that leaves nothing to chance.

Below is a presentation by Jeff and Debra Jay from the Dawn Farm Education Series:

Their website also offers a wealth of free information. Below are some especially helpful sections of their website:

Mutual Aid Meetings

Alanon District 5
Adult Children of Alcoholics
Families Anonymous

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