Adolescents & Recovery Support Groups

Nov 10, 2013

The best summary we’ve found on the subject was written by our friend Bill White. It can be found here.
Some of the highlights are below:

Participation in 12-step programs has been linked to improved long-term recovery rates of adolescents with substance use disorders, butadolescents participate in AA/NA at lower rates than do adults(Kelly & Myers, in press).
AA/NA participation rates are higher when adolescents are inprofessional helping relationships that strongly encourage suchparticipation (Kelly & Myers, in press).
Adolescents participating in 12-step meetings with members closer to their own age attend more meetings, are involved in more active step work, and have better long-term recovery outcomes (Kelley, Myers & Brown, 2005).
Adolescents respond more to the general group support dimension of 12-step groups than to spiritual aspects of the program or active step work (Kelly, Myers & Rodolico, 2008).

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