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Big Man, Big Heart

If you meet Cameron, you never forget him. An imposing man, he is full of charm and life and passion. He greets you warmly and looks into your eyes to see who you really are. He’s come a long way since that grim day in September 1999, shivering on the doorstep of Dawn Farm’s Detox, […]

A Young Family Healed

Terry had become a bad alcoholic. Homeless on the streets, her kids in foster care, moving from state to state. A defeated woman, caught in the bottle. Until her life was transformed at Dawn Farm. Terry took her first drink at age 10, and had black outs almost immediately. “I was in trouble with alcohol […]

A Southern Lady Finds Hope

In her own right, Lisa is a miracle. But her personal recovery from alcoholism is only the beginning of what life has brought to this extraordinary young woman. She is full of gratitude. She helps other women who are trying to maintain sobriety. She’s a loving wife and a good mother. Her life was not […]

A Sober Son

Billy was a handful. Raised in a stable and happy family in Monroe, Michigan, he attended private Catholic schools. But Billy was a curious kid; he experimented with alcohol and marijuana at age 14. By 15, he was already in big trouble. “I got kicked out of high school in the 10th grade. My parents […]

A Sisterhood of Recovery

Sandy, Agnes, Angela, Micki, Sarah, Michelle, Erica, Madeline, Hannah, Amy, Amanda, Betsy, Kelly, Denise, Stevie, Kelly, Andrea and Tracey. These were just the women who could come on short notice to have their picture taken. They represent dozens more young women who have found a way out of addiction through the “sister houses” of Dawn […]

Recovery is Good Business

Or good deli, to be more specific. The photo above is a collection of men and women who share two great things. They all work for the nationally-known Zingerman’s Delicatessen (that’s co-owner Paul Saginaw on the far left). And all of their lives changed as a result of the programs of Dawn Farm. Nancy had an addiction […]

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