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Partnership with Abundant Michigan

I wanted to pass on this blog post that our friend Jesse (the leader of the permaculture group we’ve been working with) made recently. Very exciting stuff! It’s a great post and includes drawings of the plans for this coming year. ==================== AMPY is proud to partner with Dawn Farm and in particular Grace Yoder […]

Worm Farming

One of the more exciting developments out here at the farm has been the revamping of our compost system. We had thrown the whole thing together out in the field behind the garden with bins made from t-posts and old bunk bed frames. Within these bins, we piled high all the farm’s manure, garden waste, […]

Thinking vertically

There are so many cool things happening in the gardening world. People are experimenting with fun new techniques- all with the aim of better food, greater access to that food, and smarter designs that limit the demand for land and labor. These are designs that free us up to do more with less. Here at […]

Local permaculture group to create communal tool shed on the grounds of Dawn Farm with A2Awesome grant

Mark Maynard has an interview with Jesse Tack, who was just awarded a grant to support AMPY’s project at Dawn Farm. The first few questions are below. Read the rest here. =========================== The Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation today announced the award of two $1,000 grants, one of which was given to Ypsilanti’s Jesse Tack for the establishment of […]

Back at it!

We’re in the thick of it out at the farm. Everything is greening up and we’re finally getting that much anticipated break in the weather. This winter was long and cold. One of the things that I love about doing farm work is that we start our own seedlings at the end of the winter. […]

The biggest pest of all…

Quackgrass. There, I said it. Quackgrass is the archnemesis of our vegetable garden. It’s everywhere, and there is likely no getting rid of it. That’s not pessimism, that’s reality. There is only managing and staying a step ahead of it. Due to the insatiable nature of this beast, there are all sorts of recovery slogans […]

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