Outpatient Services

Our outpatient programs are designed to assist individuals in achieving lasting recovery from addictions.

Dawn Farm programs are largely based upon the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. Clients are expected to develop and maintain a personal recovery program utilizing AA’s valuable principles.


Assessment ““ Dawn Farm provides assessment services to assist clients and their families in determining the appropriate level of care and comply with court mandates. In addition, during assessments we briefly educate clients about addiction and recovery, explore goals, options and impart hope that recovery is possible.

Case management ““ A counselor oversees treatment, including assessment, treatment planning, advocacy, referrals and aftercare planning.

Individual therapy ““ Individual therapy is offered independently or in addition to group therapy. The appropriate duration, intensity and direction of therapy is determined on an individual basis.

Group therapy ““ Several group therapy options are offered that are designed to help clients with varying needs, levels of motivation and intensity of substance use problems. Groups range in duration from 8 to 48 weeks depending upon client needs and preferences.

Discovery groups ““ These groups are motivational in nature and are designed for clients that have not been clearly identified as an addict or alcoholic.

Recovery groups ““ Designed for clients who are clearly iden- tified as substance dependent. Objectives include educating clients about the processes of addiction and recovery, the fun- damentals of AA and 12 step recovery and developing and implementing a recovery plan.

Relapse prevention groups ““ Designed for people who have already been engaged in the recovery process and there is concern about their ability to sustain long-term recovery. Objectives include educating clients about the relapse process, assessing recent recovery status, identifying high-risk situations, developing and clarifying goals and their relationship to recovery.

Treatment Costs

Many Dawn Farm clients are indigent. Dawn Farm utilizes a sliding scale, and an equitable contribution toward costs is expected. Dawn Farm staff will negotiate arrangements on an individual basis.

We are not currently on any provider panels for insurance companies.

Intake Information

Call us at 734.669.8265 to talk with one of our intake staff. (Please note that we do not have 24/7 intake staff. If you call on an evening or weekend we will call you back as soon as we can, but this may not be until the next business day.) We’ll be happy to explain our programs, answer your questions and discuss your options with Dawn Farm and elsewhere.

Map to Outpatient Services