Outpatient Services

315 North Main Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Length of Treatment
Groups run for 12 – 48 weeks
Typical total engagement is 36 weeks

Initial Assessments: $120
Groups: $25/session
Individual Therapy: $60/session

Because many of our clients have a financial need, we do offer a sliding scale where a client can pay an equitable contribution towards the cost of treatment. Our staff will negotiate arrangements on an individual basis. We are not currently on any provider panels for insurance companies.

To Access Services
Call our Intake Team at 734.669.8265

Program Description
Assessment Our therapists provide assessments to clients and their families to determine the appropriate level of care for each individual. During assessments, we also briefly educate clients about addiction and recovery, and explore the client’s goals and treatment options.

Case management – Our staff oversees all aspects of treatment–from assessment and treatment planning all the way through aftercare planning. This point-person is an advocate for the client and can offer referrals to other programs as well. 

Individual therapy – Individual therapy is offered independently or in addition to group therapy. The appropriate duration, intensity, and direction of therapy is determined on an individual basis.

Group therapy – We offer a variety of therapeutic groups that address many types of substance use disorders. Groups range in duration from 12 to 48 weeks, depending on client needs and preferences. While we offer many groups at various times, the following are always available:

  • Discovery groups – This is a 12-week group designed for clients who are unsure if they identify as a person with a substance use disorder.
  • Recovery groups – This is a 24-week DBT group that incorporates 12-step facilitation.
  • Recovery Support groups – This is a 12-week aftercare group that tackles the topic of maintaining recovery after treatment. 

Continuum of Care
Our outpatient programs play a number of roles on our continuum of care. On its own, outpatient therapy is a lower-level treatment option for people who are early in recovery and want to meet other people who understand where they are coming from and can help to get them where they want to go. However, outpatient can also serve as a starting point for a level-of-care assessment for a referral to a higher level of care at Dawn Farm or another mental health service. Clients who have completed a higher level of care may also make use of outpatient services as part of their Aftercare plan.

Map to Outpatient Services

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