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The Spera Recovery Center provides a safe, recovery-friendly environment for detoxification, brief residential treatment, and ongoing recovery support services for individuals and families struggling with addiction.

Clients attend daily 12-step meetings and are introduced to the recovering community, as well as the philosophies and traditions of 12-step programs. Spera Counselors complete initial assessments, monitor withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs, develop treatment plans, facilitate groups, and help develop sustainable plans for continuing recovery.

Dawn Farm believes in the power of the recovering community. We rely on this community to show Spera residential first hand that they can get better.

Spera staff have a special heart for addicts and alcoholics; they welcome clients with optimism and hope for real healing.

Spera means hope.

Dawn Farm Spera has combined a number of services into an integrated recovery center that meets the fundamental needs of men and women who are looking for a way out of active addiction.

Assessment – When a client arrives, we assess overall health and medical risks, identify the client’s problem areas, strengths, needs and resources.

Treatment – Spera Counselor oversee withdrawal, facilitate multiple daily groups, and begin collaborative planning for the next step in recovery. We educate clients about addiction and recovery, explore goals and options, and impart hope that recovery is possible.

Recovery Support – Recovery Support Specialists (RSS) provide blended peer support and low-intensity case management. These specialists are direct links to indigenous community resources. Spera groups are also open to the community, and members of the recovery community are encouraged to volunteer.

Mutual Aid Groups – Spera values and emphasizes 12-step recovery. Our local recovery community is enthusiastic and diverse, and clients are encouraged to develop a 12-step based support system.

Combined with Dawn Farm’s other programs (long term residential services, outpatient treatment, transitional housing, and outreaches), Spera offers a true continuum of care – and tangible hope to those who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction. We welcome those who want to change, and we understand what you’re going through. We can help.

If you are struggling with addiction and want to find a better way, please call Spera and talk with a Counselor or our Intake Team.

Spera Means Hope


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Not just the lives of our clients–but also their loved ones, neighbors, friends, employers, co-workers and many others. The greatest benefit to involvement with Dawn Farm is the privilege of participating in and witnessing these transformations.

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