Important COVID-19 Updates

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to employ the following adjustments to our programs. These adjustments have proven effective in keeping our clients safe thus far.

  • We are admitting clients to our residential programs in rounds. We are working directly with our medical director to ensure that people are safely admitted to our detox and quarantine program as a group every two weeks where they are quarantined and tested. Our clients do not leave our facilities except when medically necessary to ensure that everyone remains COVID free. Please call our intake team to discuss admission at 734.669.8265.
  • We are not currently accepting volunteer help. Despite the essential nature of the work you all do, we must restrict exposure as much as possible for those we serve.
  • We cannot allow visitors at any of our sites. Please talk to your loved ones about setting up a Zoom visit.
  • Restrictions to item donations are in effect. Please call to discuss potential donations.
  • Our outpatient services are available via video and phone. Call our intake team to discuss admission at 734.669.8265.

Like so many organizations, we have made tough choices related to the safety of those we serve. To date, we have been extremely pleased with the results of our systems and all of the precautions our staff are taking. If you have any questions about these changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We will continue to re-evaluate our policies
as a team to ensure we are taking appropriate measures and explore ways to get those who need help into treatment.
Contact: Olivia Vigiletti, Communications Director | 734.485.8725 |

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