Youth and Family Services

Dawn Farm has been providing specialized outpatient treatment services for youth and families since 2004.

No referral is necessary—any adolescent is welcome. Youth and families often are sent by physicians and therapists as well as Family Court staff. Services include:

Assessment – Dawn Farm Youth and Family Services uses the nationally recognized GAIN (Global Appraisal of Individual Needs) assessment instrument with all clients and families. As the adolescent progresses in treatment, we identify problem areas, needs, strengths and resources. We briefly educate clients about addiction and recovery, explore goals and options, and impart hope that recovery is possible.

Case Management – Each client has a counselor who oversees his or her treatment, from assessment to aftercare planning. The counselor also is an advocate, acting as a liaison with the legal community, schools, family and other referral sources.

Therapy – Individual and group therapy are offered to all clients. The client, family and program staff work collaboratively to determine the proper duration, intensity and direction of therapy.

Family Therapy and Education – Family Therapy and Parenting Support Groups are offered to the families of all program participants. We often refer families to Al-Anon and other support programs. Dawn Farm also offers a public Education Series to which all family members are invited.

Recovery Support – Recovery Support Specialists work with our young people and their families to help identify and remove barriers to recovery at the community level. These specialists are direct links to indigenous community resources. We recognize the importance of seeding a “culture of recovery” for youth.

Mutual Aid Groups – Dawn Farm program activities emphasize the 12 Steps and the power of the recovering community. Our region has many young people in recovery, and clients are encouraged to develop a 12 Step based support system and to integrate recovery activities into their leisure time.

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Recovery is Good Business


How Dawn Farm Has Helped

Not just the lives of our clients–but also their loved ones, neighbors, friends, employers, co-workers and many others. The greatest benefit to involvement with Dawn Farm is the privilege of participating in and witnessing these transformations.

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