How Does the Spera Quarantine Project Work?

You might be wondering how we have managed to keep residential treatment programs open in the midst of a pandemic. The key to our success thus far has been our 10-14 day Spera Quarantine process to ensure that clients are healthy and COVID-free before entering our longer-term treatment programs. Here is how that works:

We schedule our intakes in rounds

We bring in up to 12 clients for detox and quarantine at once. Clients are split into two dorms. You will be quarantined and tested, then you will move on to long-term treatment before the next group comes in, to ensure you aren’t risking exposure once you enter Spera.


All quarantine clients shelter-in-place in the dorms

While normally, our clients move about the house freely, until the pandemic is under control, you will have meals, medications, and activities brought to your dorm rooms.


This doesn’t mean that you can’t attend meetings or go outside

We build in as much time to go outside or connect with the recovering community via Zoom as possible.


This is only temporary

After about 7 days of quarantine, all clients are tested for COVID. Once the results come back clear (usually in a day or two), you are ready to move into our residential treatment programs.


After you leave the Spera Quarantine Project, you will move on to either Dawn Farm Downtown in Kerrytown or our 64-acre Farm in Ypsilanti, joining others who have already gone through this process, so you no longer have to quarantine or worry about COVID. At this point, you can really dig into your recovery.

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