Corrections Outreaches

Dawn Farm offers three programs specifically for men and women in the corrections system:

  • The Dawn Farm Jail Outreach
  • Dawn Farm/Community Corrections Outpatient

The goal of these programs is to provide a therapeutic environment for addicts and alcoholics to receive education, honestly address issues around their addiction, and learn new skills.

Through the direct support of the Community Corrections Advisory Board, Dawn Farm began the Jail Outreach in 1994. Since that time, thousands of inmates have gained a vision for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and our services have expanded to helping the courts keep people out of prison and helping parolees re-entering society address their drug and alcohol problems.


Criminal justice statistics indicate that upwards of 80% of jail inmates are chemically dependent-in short, our jails are full of addicts and alcoholics. Where better to offer a solid course in recovery? People in jail have considerable time to reflect on their lives- and often are meaningfully confronted with the destruction their addiction has caused.

Dawn Farm initiated these programs as a way to reach these men and women with a message of hope-and translate our successful clinical model into corrections settings.

Program Elements

Dawn Farm staff monitor the basic activities of all group sessions and activities, promoting a therapeutic model that contrasts with the “jail mentality.” The Outreach Team works aggressively to help clients focus on feelings, build basic interpersonal skills and establish a working plan for recovery. Above all, our aim is to provide a safe place for these men and women to begin addressing issues of addiction.

After an initial referral, Outreach staff conduct intake interviews and review basic information from the courts. Once approved for admission into our program, a Treatment Plan is developed and updated on a regular basis. Participants work on concrete, time-specific treatment goals. In addition to group sessions, the Dawn Farm Outreach includes regular educational sessions that address the most basic issues of chemical dependency.

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