Our House Managers are some of Dawn Farm’s most critical volunteers. As leaders of their recovery homes, they support residents through early recovery and help connect them to the recovering community. 

  • Lives on-site and is available to address residents’ needs as they arise
  • Provides hope, emotional support and motivational support to help residents sustain recovery
  • Ensures new residents have welcoming environment upon move-in
  • Coordinates scheduling of new admissions to housing and completes intake process with residents
  • Provides any needed care packages requested by new residents (e.g. food, bedding, towels,  and personal hygiene products)
  • Helps residents advocate appropriately for themselves in the community to assure that barriers to recovery are addressed
  • Enforces transitional housing program rules
  • Verifies mutual aid meeting attendance
  • Leads weekly house meetings (approximately 60 minutes)
  • Promotes support and fellowship among housemates  
  • Addresses and helps resolve any interpersonal conflicts that arise in the house 
  • Administers substance testing at regular intervals
  • Documents emergencies and other significant events via an incident report
  • Assists with regular cleaning of transitional housing site 
  • Monitors resident volunteer activities at annual events and community service in the community
  • Reviews weekly Accounts Receivable reports and monitors residents’ program fee payments
  • Participates in all required trainings, staff inservices, and special events
  • Consults with Transitional Housing Coordinator for support and guidance, as needed


  • Desire to learn and be challenged
  • Ability to identify and work with the strengths of residents and co-workers
  • Passion for helping people recover
  • Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently in difficult situations
  • Initiative to seek solutions in challenging situations
  • Willingness to accept unexpected tasks as they arise
  • Listens to residents more than talks to residents
  • Follows through on commitments
  • Demonstrates self-awareness and is open to feedback from others


  • At least eighteen months of continuous sobriety
  • If ever a resident in any Dawn Farm program, at least one year since the date of last service, with exception of transitional housing
  • Actively participates in recovery community by regularly attending mutual aid meetings

House managers get free housing in exchange for their leadership in our transitional houses.  They also have access to our staff trainings and educational opportunities
Please send a resume and cover letter to Ross at rzini@dawnfarm.org. Please feel free to call Ross at 734-669-8265 with questions.