Alumni, Residents, & Clients

This page is intended for anyone who is or has ever been under the Dawn Farm umbrella. We don’t care whether you were in detox, the farm, housing, outpatient, the jail program or any other program. We also don’t care how long you were in a Dawn Farm program. If you were ever under the umbrella, you’re welcome here.

Currently (or recently) under the umbrella?

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We want to be able to get information to everyone under the Dawn Farm umbrella and we are looking at starting something like text messaging notifications, an email list or a Facebook group.

Recent examples of the kinds of things we wished we could have announced include things like employment opportunities, info about free dental care, free and sober Thanksgiving dinners, Dawn Farm events, volunteer opportunities, etc.

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In 2010, some alumni started an alumni association. You can get more info and join a mailing list here.